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Cliff Gager

Real Estate Investor - Mentor - Speaker

Hi, I'm Cliff Gager. Welcome to my profile!

Cliff Gager's Bio:

Cliff Gager has been in the real estate business since 1992, when he starting in the residential mortgage lending world as a loan officer for a national mortgage company.

 Struggling to make commissions doing loans for Realtors clients, he soon discovered he was in a business dominated by much older, more experienced, and more established mortgage lenders and brokers, Cliff basically fell into a niche market opportunity and created his own client base in the private lending world.

 Working with several non-institutional financial investors, he originated private mortgage purchase money loans for real estate investors that were buying, fixing, and selling residential houses. Cliff was instrumental to these real estate investors, by providing funding for both their acquisitions as well as the end user financing for the buyers when the completed and sold the finished homes!

 After watching them make money, he saw the profitability and jumped in with both feet and started to buy, fix, and sell houses as well as continue to do residential lending as a mortgage broker.

 In October of 1994, Cliff opened Galleria Investment Group and followed that in March of 1995 with Galleria Realty Group, and then in April of 1995 he opened Galleria Mortgage Group, a licensed mortgage brokerage business.

 Around September of 1997 suffered through some difficult times stemming from a divorce with his wife of 10 years, and was the time he started working in the real estate seminar industry working for many of the late night TV infomercial gurus you may know today!

 Since then he has worked as a real estate mentor fulfilling their very expensive real estate training classes. In 2010 Cliff started working independently and direct with his own students is now bringing his training direct to the people that need it the most at a price that most everyone can afford!

 Cliff teaches real world strategies that really work. Weather you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, Cliff can help you reach your goals faster and easier! Here are several testimonials from his students:

 Dean took Cliff’s class in 2008 when the economy was crashing. On his first deal, he purchased a house for $200,000.00, rehabbed it with $50,000, and then he  turned around and sold it for $399,000! That gave him a gross profit of $150,000!

  "My credit was in the low 500’s and I have never owned an investment property with positive cash flow. During my mentor training with Cliff, we looked at properties, ran the numbers, put in an offer, got it accepted and within another 3 months he helped secure 100% financing for me.  Right now the 14 plex right near Waikiki is paying for itself netting approximately $1900.00 a month positive cash-flow. Everyone else I talked to, including business owners and investors and commercial brokers said this was a waste of money. Cliff was the only one who showed me it was a gold mine and helped me all the way through. It would not have happened without him. Mahalo and Aloha, Cliff!!!" John Baraquio

 Eugenia Took Cliff's training out in Beautiful Hawaii, she then came to California to put her training to the test! She Bought, fixed, and sold several houses and was able to deposit $70,000 profit into her personal bank account in less than 4 months after training.

 Now you can benefit from Cliff’s 21 years in the real estate investing - mortgage - private lending - investor training without all the insane guru training prices.

 Cliff will teach his best strategies to help increase your business and help you close more deals!!!

Cliff Gager's Experience:

  • Real Estate Investor - Mentor - Expert - Speaker at Wholsaling & Investing

  • Real Estate Mentor at Mentorlynx.Com Inc.

  • Serial Entrepreneur

Cliff Gager's Education:

  • St. Petersburg College

  • North East High school St. Petersburg Fla

  • Trump University

Cliff Gager's Interests & Activities:

I completely enjoy helping others achieve success as found in real estate investing, Building relationships with other is always key in developing a career in this line of work. But I also enjoy the thrill of hunting down a good deal and having the power team take it down! I love my family, and I have 3 children: Brittani, Justin, and Christopher! No others kids could possibly make me prouder then they! My better half Erika is my partner in life, business, and all other aspects of life! When I am not traveling, hanging out with former students turned friends, or eating my favorite meal of sushi, I can be found on my jet skis in the huge wave breaks off the southern California coast... Jumping 10+ foot waves is the most relaxing, enjoyable activity I love to do! Yes some say its dangerous, that is why I do not let go when most mere mortals would! Ever hear of a Great White????

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